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Here are the Frequently Asked Questions. We hope this will answer your queries...

1. Why wasn't my blog Indexed?

There may be a number of reasons why your blog may not be indexed. To explain it simply, it'd be easier if we explain how we index the blogs.

2. How is this Index maintained?

The index is based on location. This is done to bring bloggers residing in the same location together. So, Unless we have the name of the city and country you are currently in, we cant include the blog in the index.

3. I didn't provide any details. Yet, how did u manage to index it???

Even if you miss to provide the above details, everytime we put in a new entry in the index, we visit the blog to check if the URL is correct. This also ensures we check that the information you provided is double-checked and that the blog is current and maintained. So, if the URL isn't right we couldn't index it. If we couldnt find ur blog through the URL you provided, then how will someone going thru the index be able to find ur blog? Its as simple as that.

4. I provided everthing you asked. Still it wasn't indexed. Why?

The blog should be current and maintained. A Blog is usually defined as "A website that displays in chronological order the postings by one or more individuals and usually has links to comments on specific postings." So, only blogs are indexed here. It may be an individual personal blog, a photoblog, a team blog, whatever it may be. For more on what is a blog read here. Single page websites cannot be termed as weblogs, even though they may be maintained by weblog softwares and weblog platforms like Blogger. So before you even decide to list on the pages you maintain in the internet, please decide which one is a weblog and which one is not.

5. What is the criteria for a blog to be indexed here?

For a blog to be indexed here, it should either be maintained
  • by a Indian or
  • by an Non Resident Indian or
  • by a foriegn national residing in India or
  • by a person born in India and moved out of India in his/her later days of life or
  • the posts in the blog should focus on India or
  • the posts should be in any one of the Indian Languages.
6. What do you mean by saying the blog should be current?

To maintain the index to be current, a blog has to be maintained frequently. As of now, we stipulate the blogs as outdated if they are abondoned for at least 4 months.

7. How frequently do you verify the links?

We try to verify the links in the index three times every year. By doing this, we make sure the list is recycled now-and-then. The blogs are marked for Removal with a 'R' sign next to the particular blog in the index for a minimum of two weeks. After that, the blog is removed from the Indibloggers Index.

8. I changed my URL. What happens to my old URL?

When you change the URL, the old URL is updated with the new URL. The old URL cannot be maintained along with the New URL. We suggest that you to provide a link to your old URL in your new blog.

9. The place I reside is different from my native.

Currently we index your blog only under the place where you reside as of now. When you move places, you blog has to be updated in the index under the new place. We understand that everyone of us love to index our blog under our native city too. But, for us, it is only a repetition of data. So pls provide only the name of the current city.

10. Our is a Team Blog. How do we Index it?

If yours is a team blog, simply provide us the title and URL of the blog along with a short description on the nature of posts. Team blogs cannot be indexed under a single location as the members may be from different places. You blog can be indexed under a separate section called 'Team Blogs'.

11. I want my Blog to be updated/removed from the Index.

For your blog to be updated/removed from the index, you need provide us the details of the Name and the city under which you blog was indexed, and the change that is required to be made. Your blog will be updated/removed subsequently.

12. I came across a blog that is abandoned/outdated.

If you come across a blog whose recent post is 4 months old, pls do inform us abt the blog. We'll be removing the dead link subsequently.

13. How could you ever index my blog incorrectly???

We take every care to make sure the index is updated, current and useful to our fellow Indian Bloggers. The index may look simple from outside, but it indexes more than 1200 Indian bloggers around the world. That means 1200 links manually added and updated. If you find your blog being indexed incorrectly, do mention it to us along with the details of the path of ur link. Usually the path is like 'Continent/Country/City/Preferred name you provided' We'll make sure that the error is corrected subsequently.

14. If there's anything else that is bothering you...

Do write to us at
  • magnus[dot]astrum[at]gmail[dot]com
  • indibloggers[at]gmail[dot]com

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