Thursday, July 14, 2005

Indibloggers on Telegraph...

We are happy to share that Indibloggers have been mentioned in the Telegraph on Saturday, July 09, 2005. Telegraph is published from Kolkata, India. Thanks to AnTi for informing us... :-)

When we try to make it big, there are some decisions that are tough to make, yet we have to make it. I regret to request you all to provide only one city under which you may be indexed. Of course, I agree that for the love of the place we come from, we'd like our sites to be indexed both under the city we are residing and also under the city we came from. As i had said before, listing the blog twice will eat up the loading time of the page and it is hard to update and maintain the index under two places. We are trying to trim down the repeated indexing to make it efficient. So please take this into consideration while putting up a request. Decide a primary location under which ur blog will be indexed. If u stay away from home for quite a number of years, we'd suggest u provide us the city where u reside. If u are temporarily away for 1 or 2 yrs, provide us ur hometown. Or whichever place u feel like. For this reason a couple of recent requests have not been entertained. We'd love to index u under both places, but this decision at present is inevitable.

We'd try to bring up a different way to link the blogs to ur home town soon. If u have any idea to improve on this, do speak out in the comments.

Further, if you'd have noticed, the list of bloggers currently residing in India and US is growing long. It would be better, if we could sort the cities under various states in both countries. If u've got some free time, do go thru the list of cities under both the countires and sort them (just the name of the cities alone) under various states in both the countires and send it to us so that we can reduce the pain of scrolling all the way down. You could mail the sorted list to magnus dot astrum at gmail dot com.

Indibloggers - A comprehensive list of Indian Bloggers around the world (1050+). Thank you for ur co-operation! :-)