Friday, July 22, 2005

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The following blog(s) couldnt be indexed. We tried hard to find the City under which it could be indexed... yet, as we couldnt find any, it couldnt be indexed yet. It could be indexed only after the name of the city is known...

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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Indibloggers on Telegraph...

We are happy to share that Indibloggers have been mentioned in the Telegraph on Saturday, July 09, 2005. Telegraph is published from Kolkata, India. Thanks to AnTi for informing us... :-)

When we try to make it big, there are some decisions that are tough to make, yet we have to make it. I regret to request you all to provide only one city under which you may be indexed. Of course, I agree that for the love of the place we come from, we'd like our sites to be indexed both under the city we are residing and also under the city we came from. As i had said before, listing the blog twice will eat up the loading time of the page and it is hard to update and maintain the index under two places. We are trying to trim down the repeated indexing to make it efficient. So please take this into consideration while putting up a request. Decide a primary location under which ur blog will be indexed. If u stay away from home for quite a number of years, we'd suggest u provide us the city where u reside. If u are temporarily away for 1 or 2 yrs, provide us ur hometown. Or whichever place u feel like. For this reason a couple of recent requests have not been entertained. We'd love to index u under both places, but this decision at present is inevitable.

We'd try to bring up a different way to link the blogs to ur home town soon. If u have any idea to improve on this, do speak out in the comments.

Further, if you'd have noticed, the list of bloggers currently residing in India and US is growing long. It would be better, if we could sort the cities under various states in both countries. If u've got some free time, do go thru the list of cities under both the countires and sort them (just the name of the cities alone) under various states in both the countires and send it to us so that we can reduce the pain of scrolling all the way down. You could mail the sorted list to magnus dot astrum at gmail dot com.

Update Log

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Saturday, July 09, 2005

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  • Avik ( - Asia/India/Kolkata)
  • Avinav Nigam ( - Asia/India/Mumbai)
  • Divya ( - Asia/India/Thiruvananthapuram)
  • Granger Gab ( - Asia/India/Mumbai)
  • Mirage ( - Asia/India/New Delhi)
  • Tangorocks ( - Asia/UAE/Sharjah)
  • Teleute ( - Asia/India/Kolkata)
  • Vaibhav ( - Asia/India/New Delhi)
  • Venki ( - Asia/Singapore/Singapore)
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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

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  • Alap Ghosh ( - Asia/India/Mumbai - Name Change)
  • Parshva Shah ( - North America/USA/Chicago)
  • Parshva Shah ( - North America/USA/Chicago)
  • Random Expressions ( - Asia/Nepal/Kathmandu)
  • Rat ( - Asia/India/Chennai)
  • Sane IDIOsyncrasies(Anubhav) ( - Asia/India/Vadodara)
  • Smyta ( - Europe/UK/London)
  • Suffering Socrates ( - Asia/India/Bangalore)
  • Wooster ( - Asia/India/Chennai)
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Sunday, July 03, 2005

About this blog...

Hello, Hello.. Testing, Testing... Hmm It works.. :-)

Hi all, I just couldn't express the excitement in me to work along 'The One' :-) to maintain this blog. Aggregating an index of 1000+ Indian Bloggers is no small job. And the due credits go to Thennavan, who had brought this blog this far.

My part here is just to make it better.

Before I started working on this blog, There were some difficulties, which i've tried to overcome.
First one, being the inability to provide daily posts. So far, we've found very hard to communicate with the bloggers. As a number of bloggers pointed out in the comments, a post like 'Blog of the Day would be great for a blog index like this. I've made some changes as,
  1. The whole of the Indiblogger Index which till now had occupied this space as a single post, has now moved out to the bottom, paving way for daily posts.
  2. Putting in some effort so as to make the list user-friendly, I've included a small script that converts the Linked lists into Expand/Collapse Menus. This way, the list looks short and sweet and easily accessible. Now its easier to find what we want with just a few clicks compared to a full page length scroll up and down!
  3. The Blogger Comments is replaced fully by the Haloscan Comment Management, the reason being easy maintanence and also to reduce the redundancy in providing the links to be updated. From now on, say, it just once, and we're here to hear. :-)
  4. As you can see, the Minima Template width is expanded so as to make the blog look not so cramped.
  5. From now on, we'll try to provide Updation Logs..which means, we'll provide a log of what, where and in which name your links are updated based on the information provided by you. This means, just by using the search box on the top left corner you'll be able to find where your link sits in this blog as per the recent updation of your link.
  6. We'll try to keep this blog simple. I can understand, it would be better if we provide the exact URL just beside the name of the Blogger, but imagine loading the information for 1000+ bloggers (Which will only increase as days come)... That will affect the page loading speed. Instead, as a contingency, we'll try to provide the URL in a way that if you leave the mouse over the link, you'll be able to see the actual URL (This is on the test phase!). In fact, even now, its very simple. The best identification is always the name of a person. So, this wouldnt be a problem. Even then, your ideas are welcome on this topic.
What has been planned to improve the features of this Index:
  1. This index aims to be the most comprehensive of Indian Bloggers List or even as a best comprehense index among all countries. As Thennavan says, any blogger who is Indian and who has interest in India shall be indexed here.
  2. So, even if your blog is in a language other than English, we invite you to provide information about you, here. A new section as Indian Language Blogs can be created.
  3. The best idea should always take advantage of the modern technology! RSS/XML/Atom Feed links can be provided just beside the link of your blog, so that people using Feed Aggregators would find it very useful. So Please provide the links for the feed of your Blog.
  4. The last but not the least, Photoblogs. A new photoblog section is planned so as to include the photoblogs also in our index.
What we request from you?

Please provide the information as required above and also visit, and verify often and update as you change URLs or even if you change places. It'll be better if you provide the information in the following Standard Format as a comment to the posts...
  • Preferred Name:
  • Blog URL:
  • Feed URL (If any):
  • Your Current City:
  • Your Current Country of Stay:
Some tips:
  • (Tip: We suggest you provide your Blog title as Preferred Name rather than your name, cos that would provide some idea abt ur thoughts, interests and ideology for anyone who goes thru the list just like that!)
  • (Tip: Please provide just your current city, rather than your place of origin. This would help others to find u in ur place easily, help in arranging blogger meets and reduce redundancy in the list, avoiding a name being repeated twice takin up more space)
  • (Tip: If you require a change, please provide under which city and country your blog is indexed so that we can find and change it easily.)
  1. It'd be better if we remove the dead links of bloggers who didnt blog for quite a long time, say 4 months at a stretch, so tht this would improve the usability of the Indiblogger Index. So, if you find any such blog, any broken link, do inform us, so that it could be removed/fixed.
  2. Please link this page as a proud Indian Blogger in your Blog. Word-of-Blog through 1000+ blogger will be more effective in making this as the most comprehensive index for us, Indians.
  3. We can even organise a Theme Week like featuring blogs of the same kind for one full week. Together we can make this index more efficient and fun-filled experience.
Since the last updation by Thennavan two weeks back, 43 blogs are added/updated into the list. The Updation Log is provided as a separate post. The Updation Log is just a guide and may not be accurate. So please always check whether everything related to your blog is correct on the actual full list. If you find anything wrong, do inform using the comments, so that we could correct it ASAP.

Thanks for your co-operation and help till date. Without you, this wouldnt have been possible... :-)

Update Log - 43 links added/updated

List of Bloggers added/updated recently (since June 20, 05):
(In Alphabetical Order)
Name of the Blogger (URL - Date informed - Linked under - Comments, if any)
  • Abhijeet Kunder ( - June 23, 05 - Asia/India/Mumbai)
  • Aditya Bidikar ( June 25, 05 - Asia/India/Pune)
  • Ajay ( - June 20, 05 - Asia/India/New Delhi)
  • Alap Gosh ( - June 23, 05 - Asia/India/Mumbai)
  • Ambar ( - June 28, 05 - Asia/India/Bangalore)
  • Aniruddha Dutta ( - June 27, 05 - North America/USA/New Jersey - Changed from Randolph)
  • Apoorva Joshi ( - June 23, 05 - North America/USA/Baltimore)
  • Balakris ( - June 20, 05 - North America/USA/Louisville)
  • Cheneel ( - June 28, 05 - Asia/China/Hongkong - Photoblog)
  • Deepa Swaminathan ( - July 01, 05 - Asia/India/Ahmedabad)
  • Dipanjan ( - June 26, 05 - Asia/India/Kolkata)
  • Gangadhar Ambati ( - June 26, 05 - Asia/India/Hyderabad)
  • Gargs ( - June 22, 05 - North America/USA/Raleigh Metro)
  • Grafxgurl ( - June 23, 05 - Asia/India/Chennai)
  • GSB ( - June 23, 05 - Asia/India/Mumbai - Moved frm New Delhi)
  • Idli ( - June 22, 05 - Asia/India/Bangalore)
  • John Vijay Cruz ( - June 28, 05 - Asia/India/Hyderabad - Changed frm Bangalore)
  • M. ( - June 22, 05 - Asia/India/Chennai)
  • Mediochre ( - June 22, 05 - Asia/India/Chennai)
  • Neel Arurkar ( - June 23, 05 - Asia/India/Bangalore)
  • Nitin Karani ( - June 24, 05 - Asia/India/Mumbai)
  • Pachan ( - June 22, 05 - Asia/Singapore/Singapore)
  • Parna ( - June 29, 05 - North America/USA/San Francisco Bay Area)
  • Pompy ( - June 29, 05 - Asia/India/Kolkata)
  • Priyadarshan Nadkarni ( - June 23, 05 - Asia/India/Mumbai)
  • Rana ( - June 26, 05 - Asia/Singapore/Singapore)
  • Rohan Kumar ( - June 21, 05 - Asia/India/New Delhi - current location? USA?)
  • Sagar ( - June 26, 05 - Asia/India/Pune)
  • Sathyus ( - June 21, 05 - North America/USA/College Station)
  • Senthil Kumar ( - June 21, 05 - Asia/India/Chennai)
  • Shreedharan Raman ( - June 19, 05 - Asia/India/Chennai)
  • Sixtyfourarts ( - June 22, 05 - Asia/India/Bangalore)
  • Sowmya Swaminathan ( - June 24, 05 - Asia/India/Chennai)
  • SS ( - June 27, 05 - Asia/India/Mangalore)
  • Subbalakshmi ( - June 27, 05 - Asia/India/Chennai - need ur exact city name in US.)
  • Sugzter ( - June 29, 05 - North America/USA/Los Angeles Metro)
  • Sunil Laxman ( - June 22, 05 - North America/USA/Seattle Metro)
  • Uday Patadia ( - June 25, 05 - Asia/India/Hyderabad - ur other blog is also being listed)
  • Uday Patadia ( - June 25, 05 - Asia/India/Hyderabad)
  • Venkatraghavan ( - June 26, 05 - Asia/India/Bangalore)
  • Vignesh ( - June 23, 05 - Asia/India/Salem)
  • Vijay KN ( June 30, 05 - Asia/Oman/Muscat)
  • Vishnu ( June 20, 05 - North America/USA/Berkeley)

Indibloggers - A comprehensive list of Indian Bloggers around the world (1050+). Thank you for ur co-operation! :-)